400 - 1,300 GPD
For Fishing Vessels & Work Boats
• Aqua Pro corrosion-resistant titanium pump heads pressure vessels, hardware and fasteners to prevent leaks, wear and tear.

• Pumps and motors are shock-mounted to isolate
and minimize vibration transfer to a ship's hull.

• With the crew's safety in mind at all times, the OML systems have built-in safeguards like low voltage protection to keep motors from overheating.

• Water-diversion valves prevent tanks from salting.

Fresh water is the last thing fishermen hauling in their catch or offshore workers performing their duties should have to worry about at any time.  Reliable reverse osmosis systems onboard commercial marine vessels aren't a luxury, they are a necessity - to provide drinking water, showers, laundry and also supply the needed water to process the catch and keep equipment operating smoothly for weeks and months at a time.

The Offshore Marine Caspian Series is designed to withstand the punishment of the big rollers and ruggedly built for a long-service life in severe conditions. Keeping fresh water in their tanks, keeps the working mariners from distractions and allows them to focus on the task at hand.

OML - Caspian Series
• Under and over safety switches prevent catastrophic
system failure.

• All pressure hoses have a 4:1 safety factor.

• The Caspian Series has all of the features and benefits
of the Aegean Series and Baltic Series plus Designed for use in
Desalinators & Purifiers
Racor /
Village Marine