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Biodiesel and other biofuels require extra heat, filtration, and sometimes vehicle modifications to burn in diesel engines.  Racor fuel filters and heaters are uniquely suited for filtering and conditioning biodiesel and biofuels for use in diesel engines.  Biodiesel tends to shorten filter life and most biodiesels have a low "interfacial tension" - meaning water easily disperses and dissolves in the fuel, greatly reducing efficiency for all types of water separators and coalescers.  Racor recommends using the largest filter practical for the applications to extend filter life and increase efficiency.  When specifying a new biodiesel fuel system, de-rate fuel filter flow by 50% and install on the vacuum side of any pumps, where possible. 

In cold weather, Racor recommends using at least 200 watts of thermostatically controlled electric heating in the head and/or filter bowl.  Pour point suppressants and biocides are also necessary for reliable operation and a coolant heat exchanger is required in extreme cold weather conditions.
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